Winter protection detail
From £150

deep clean to remove all surface contamination, single stage paint cleanser to deep clean paint further and a long lasting ultra durable wax or sealant applied to all surfaces to see you through the harsh winter.

New car Protection detail
From £250

Alloy wheels are thoroughly cleaned using specific wheel brushes to reach all areas.
A multi stage safe wash process is completed on the wheels safely removing bonded contaminates.

For a pre-wash the car is blanketed in a cleansing foam which softens and lifts dirt and grime. The vehicle is then washed using the 2 bucket method, grit guards and a lamb's wool wash mitt to guard against inflicting surface defects.

Any tar spots & contaminates are removed using various products and the car is then fully clayed to remove bonded surface contaminates that the previous wash stages failed to remove.

Plush drying towels are used to safely and effectively extract water from hard to access water collecting points. The car is then treated to a full application of a pre-wax cleanser applied via a Dual Action polisher to freshen the paint's finish.

A selected last stage protection will be applied to protect the freshly finished paint.
Glass and mirrors are cleaned inside and out with a specific glass cleaner. Alloys are treated with a wheel sealant to help prevent brake dust re-bonding. Tyres are dressed to leave a natural new look. Exhaust is polished, plastic trim is treated and protected.

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